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Calendula Infused Oil

Calendula Infused Coconut Oil Preparation

by Deb McCracken

  • I filled a 24 oz. jar about 1/3 full with calendula flowers, then weighed them (.6oz).
  • After warming the coconut oil in a double boiler until melted, I poured it over the herb, measuring and recorded the amount (23oz).

  • Next, I capped the jar tightly and set it on a cloth in a crockpot with water nearing the top of the jar.  I had previously tested the temperature of water that was kept on the “warm” setting of my crockpot.  It does not exceed 100 degrees. I’ll continue to check this regularly and add water whenever necessary for three days.
  • After three days, I removed the jar from the crockpot and allowed the jar to cool to room temperature.
  • Lastly I performed the final step of filtering and pressing and pouring the finished product into a jar.

This oil will usually semi-harden and I use it as an after-shower moisturizer. I may portion some of it out and add some tangerine or lavender essential oils. I may also add beeswax to some of it for a thicker salve.

This picture was taken when I weighed the calendula herb for the
infused coconut oil preparation.



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