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Now is the perfect time to make preparation as the public increasingly seeks out professionals who are proficient in holistic, natural, effective, drugless, and non-invasive methods of restoring and maintaining wellness. We have designed all of our herbal, holistic, and aromatherapy diploma courses to be comprehensive and relevant. Many of our core diploma programs have been purposely designed to overlap in key study areas to provide an affordable opportunity to broaden your studies. The overlap includes specific books and manuals we believe are valuable for natural health professionals. Students may enroll in additional programs at any time (before or after graduation) with duplicate classes credited in full.

Accreditation/Certification: Genesis School of Natural Health is professionally accredited by the AADP. Therefore, graduates may apply for board certifications with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) or the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP). The quality of our programs allows students to qualify for certification with many organizations. 

Holistic Health Practitioner Program


  • Immune System Fundamentals & Autoimmune Disorders
  • Lyme disease & Co-Infections
  • Parasites of Human Interest
  • Blood Chemistry/Lab Tests
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements
  • Compassion Connection Technique
  • Menstruum & Math… & more


To prepare our students for the challenge of modern health issues we have developed a 4-Phase Learning System backed by carefully selected books, manuals, and study guides. Each phase of study builds on your body of knowledge – guided study that leads you down the path of understanding and the ability to apply the knowledge with success.

Herbal Consultation


Each month there will be 4 hours of instruction, case studies, and lectures. Students will also complete client case studies, client practicums, pathology, and modality assignments. Internship classes will be led by Dr. Jeni Weis, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor specializing in functional nutrition, clinical botanical medicine, epigenetics, and autoimmune disease.

Accredited Herbal, Holistic, and Naturopathy Programs

Genesis School of Natural Health has a mission to provide the public with competent, educated, and confident natural and holistic health professionals. As a student you will receive a comprehensive and in-depth education to effectively prepare you for the needs of your future clients. 


A 250 or 500-Hour Internship may be added to any program!


  • 250-Hour Internship Part #1
  • 250-Hour Internship Part #2
  • 500-Hour Internship

“Genesis School of Natural Health is absolutely one of the best natural health schools in the market! The curriculum is all inclusive and the presentation has a scaffolding effect. The school representatives are highly knowledgeable and possess a heartfelt desire to help the students. This is overall the best experience I have ever had with any school. My Master’s degree is in Public Health with a Health Education and Promotion Certification. I will tell you, Genesis School of Natural Health ranks equally with regionally accredited colleges based on Genesis’ curriculum selections and program platforms. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to gain a firm understanding of Holistic health.” – Dana A.

Accreditation & Certifications

Accreditation & Boards

What is accreditation and board certification?
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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

School policies, class desciptions, contact information and more!

Military/Officer/ First-Responder Discounts

If you (or your spouse) have served in the military or as a police officer/first responder you qualify for 15% off DIPLOMA programs. The process is fast & easy! It is built into our payment system.

Blogs & Articles

Blogs & Articles

Enjoy a wide selection of educational materials!
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We do support the American Herbalist Guild: “At this time, there is no licensure or legal recognition for professional clinical herbalists in the United States. However, the completion of most programs, and/or a thorough course of independent study can count towards the educational requirements needed to apply for Registered Herbalist membership in the American Herbalists Guild.”

Student Testimonials

I want to thank you for the experience with Genesis School of Natural Health. I really believe you are far superior to other natural health schools because of your content and dedication. I went into this just wanting a certificate for herbalism to prove to myself I knew what I was doing. I’ve learned so much more than I ever expected. With this knowledge, I am able to better help clients and the public in ways I never knew I would. Thank you, R. L.
“At Genesis School of Natural Health you’ll discover a comprehensive, personalized course of study guaranteed to equip you for your career in natural health care.I transferred to GSNH from a well-recognized, established natural health school where I had been disappointed in the lack of mentorship and hands-on training in their doctor of naturopathy program. Anyone can acquire a book list to read through and many natural health schools share similar curriculum contents… it’s the personal connection that inspires excellence and distinguishes among schools. - Faith S.
Genesis School of Natural Health has most definitely met my expectations regarding the quality, relevance, integrity and authenticity of their curriculum and their entire institution. Biology major, Master Herbalist and longtime Naturopathic Medicine apprentice and researcher Sharlene Peterson’s passion in sharing the wisdom of Natural Health has materialized as Genesis and continues to be the guiding light in the way things are managed with the help of a small yet dedicated and extremely able and knowledgeable staff. If you are looking for an online diploma mill where you can receive your qualification in a few sittings without really learning much then I’m sorry to say that Genesis is not the school for you. There are no shortcuts here. You really have to dedicate hours to reading and understanding the course texts, answering the exams, and attending online classes, Genesis graduates rank among the most competent in the field and because of that I highly recommend this school to everyone including those who do not intend to practice but are just looking to gain the necessary knowledge to keep themselves and their family in optimum state of health. - Daryl P.
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