About Us – Genesis School of Natural Health

President & Educational Administrator: Sharlene Peterson, MH, HHP, CMH

Working in the natural health field has provided a prime place to use all of my strengths and resulted in the opportunity to serve clients from all over the United States. The need for professionals in natural health care is growing greatly and clients will travel great distances to see someone that has been recommended by a friend or family member.

When I use the word professional I am referring to those who have the ability to communicate effectively and apply critical thinking skills in an office setting. We are facing generational issues, a population that does not understand basic nutrition, and our children now have diseases that were once rare even for adults. We must keep the foundations of natural health intact but we must also understand that our environment, food, water, vaccinations, and drugs have created issues far beyond “normal”.

The world needs a large body of trained natural health professionals – are you ready for the challenge?

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from Northern State University in Biology, Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Professional, and Clinical Master Herbalist. I also have certifications to perform Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) and Lymphatic Drainage. Seminar certifications are numerous.

I opened my own office, My Body Organic Natural Health Services in Spearfish, SD in 2008 (I recently sold my business so I would have more time to devote to Genesis and my growing family – grandchildren!). I had the privilege of working with Cory Carter, ND and Randy McCormick, PND at Alt Med Services for 3 years before opening My Body Organic. Cory and Randy were my mentors and teachers as I worked to become a professional in the field of natural health.

I chose the name Genesis because it speaks of new beginnings.

I chose the picture above because it is what I look like on most days!

I am looking forward to the journey, Sharlene Peterson


Student Advisor: Darlene Jorgens, HHP, CMH

As one of our first students to enroll at Genesis, Darlene Jorgens has completed every program we have offered! She has her own natural health office in addition to serving as Student Advisor. Darlene’s contribution to educational materials and projects is immense but her main duty is to help you! If you have program questions, need encouragement throughout your studies, reach out to Darlene. She finds it a privilege and a joy to connect with you.

In addition to her herbal and natural health diplomas, Darlene is an apitherapist. Her natural health office is THE HERBS & THE BEES, LLC, located in Elyria, Ohio.