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Natural Health Consultant (NHC)

The Natural Health Consultant (sometimes called a Natural Health Coach) can be thought of as a fountain of information for those who seek to effectively care for themselves, family, or clients. We have carefully selected the books and materials to create a course that provides a broad, foundational understanding of nutrition, supplements, gentle–yet–effective alternative therapies, and much more.

Natural Health Consultant 18-Month Diploma Program

Our accredited NHC program requires 39.5 credit hours/632 study hours. Estimated time to complete this program is 18 months. 

The estimated time to complete this program is 18 months but you may finish sooner. It is self-paced which is excellent for those who have chunks of time but cannot commit to weekly meetings and homework. There is a time limit of 22 months to finish the program, an extra 4 months to cover those times when we have unexpected circumstances. 

Board Certifications

Graduates of the Natural Health Consultant course are eligible to apply for Board Certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP). Our graduates receive an education that makes them eligible for certifications with many other organizations. 


  • Herbs & Physiology
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Essential Oils
  • Autoimmune
  • Parasites of Human Interest
  • In-depth Digestive Studies
  • Blood Chemistry/Labs
  • Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Compassion Connection
  • Client Intake and Client Case Studies


  • Symptom Form
  • Supplement Recommendation Form
  • Consent to Treatment Legal Form
  • You Are Running A Business (manual)

Student Accounts: Students enrolled in our natural health courses are eligible for student accounts with several professional herbal, homeopathic, and supplement companies. Companies include Energetix, DesBio, MarcoPharma, Professional Formulas, Systemic Formulas, and more.

High Standards: Students in our Natural Health Consultant program will complete 39.5 credit hours hours. While this is far more than most schools require, it is important that you are able to safely and effectively guide your clients back to health and vitality. In addition, our natural health course classes were designed to overlap so students would be able to easily continue their education without the high cost. Example: If a NHC graduate enrolls in the Natural Health Professional program all the classes/tests that overlap will be credited (you do not retake classes or pay for them). You only pay for the classes/tests that were not part of the NHC.


Natural Health Consultant: Tuition

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Tuition: $1,975.00

Pay in Full and save 15%: $1,680.00

Payment Plan: Tuition is $1,975.00 and the deposit is $575.00. Payments for the remaining balance of $1,400.00 will be $140.00 for 10 months.

Discounts: Military, Police & First Responders receive 15% off diploma programs. This discount applies to all who have served, are currently serving, and their spouse. Tuition is the same if paying in full or making payments. Tuition is $1,680.00 and the deposit is $575.00. Payments for the remaining $1,105.00 balance will be $110.50 for 10 months.

Tuition includes a $350 non-refundable enrollment fee.

Virtual Internship Opportunity!

Committed to Excellence 

An internship will prepare you for a successful natural health office! Each month there will be a 3 hour online instruction class covering body systems, disease prevention, pathologies, and protocols to regain health. Students will also complete client case studies, client practicums, pathology, and modality assignments. Internship classes will be lead by the founder of Genesis School of Natural Health, Sharlene Peterson. There will be limited enrollment to ensure that each student receives timely grading and answers to questions. 

Committed to Students

  • Students will have monthly meetings with an instructor
  • Students will have a discussion board specifically for the internship and instructor(s) will monitor and reply to students posting questions or comments.
  • Homework assignments will be read by and graded by an instructor
  • Students will be given up-to-date scientific information and relevant study lectures and homework

Two Internship Opportunities: 250-Hour/12 Months or 500-Hour/24 Months

I really enjoyed my experience going through the Genesis NHC program. So much of the content met me at real-life curiosity and answered so many of my questions about how to THINK about NATURAL WELLNESS and develop a holistic mindset that was not just a green-pharma version of our modern chemistry pharma health model. I learned language, mindsets and models of supporting health that are doable and reproduceable. I learned how to be a life-long student. I loved going at my own pace and the Genesis leadership was always accessible, supportive and well-informed!

Natural Health Consultant Course

While NHC’s are not licensed medical practitioners, chiropractors, nurses, and other practitioners may choose to complete the course to obtain the health-promoting nutritional and natural health information. Many practitioners find that food nutrients, supplements, and herbal remedies have a profound effect on their clients, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals and other medical services and procedures, while enhancing client recovery time. 

Where do Natural Health Consultants work? There are many options. These days, it is becoming more and more common for consultants to work out of a professional holistic wellness suite. A wellness suite is a group of specialized professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc., who recognize there are gaps in the services they provide for their clients. Other natural health consultants choose to have an office of their own in a business complex, store front, or perhaps out of their own home.

The Genesis School of Natural Health developed the Natural Health Consultant course to contain the natural health studies needed to serve a wide variety of clients and/or family members facing health challenges. It is an excellent stand-alone course or is particularly powerful when selected as a double-diploma in conjunction with the Master Herbalist program. You may use this link for more information about the Master Herbalist & Natural Health Consultant diploma course. Earn 2 diplomas!

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