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Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans)

They’re here! Poison ivy that is, and her two toxic siblings poison oak and poison sumac. The bane of summer enjoyment for gardeners, landscapers, campers, hikers, and lovers of all things outdoors. Each year, 50

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DIY Air Cleaner

Learn how to make a very affordable, yet effective DIY air cleaner for around $30. You don’t even need to be “handy” to rig up this simple air cleaner system.

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The herb of many talents. Lemon Balm is one of the few herbs known as a veritable ‘medicine chest’. It’s mild, yet potent, acting almost as an herbal blend all by itself. Lemon Balm is definitely a “must have” herb for every apothecary.

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ABOUT: Chamomile is perhaps the most popular herbs used medicinally in the world today. It is native to southern and eastern Europe. In ancient history Chamomile was a medicinal used by the Egyptians, Romans and

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HERBS TO LIVE BY… Oatstraw & Milky Oats

COMMON NAME: Oatstraw; Milky Oats, Oats Flowering Tops; Oats LATIN NAME: Avena sativa FAMILY: Poaceae PLANT PART USED: Stems (Oatstraw) & Premature Seeds (Milky Oats) ENERGETICS: Neutral to cooling, moistening TASTE: Sweet PRIMARY ACTIONS: Antidepressant,

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Menthol Chest Balm

by Johanice De JesusStudent: CMH, MH & TND programs Have you ever looked at the ingredients in those store-bought menthol chest rubs? When you are congested, with cloudy eyes and you feel like your body

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Nano & Your Health

Since about 1981, scientists have been working alongside of product developers to develop new market opportunities for various nanoparticle applications. These nanomaterials (NM), also called Nano, have special qualities that offer distinct advantages over the

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