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COMMON NAME: Chamomile, German Chamomile, Blue Chamomile, Camomilla LATIN NAME: Matricaria recutita, Matricaria chamomilla FAMILY: Astraceae PLANT PART USED: Dried Flowers ENERGETICS: Cooling, Drying TASTE: Slightly Sweet, Floral, Fruity (apple-like scent) The actions of German Chamomile are gentle and slow. However, it’s effects can be expected to be long-lasting when used consistently and in moderation …

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HERBS TO LIVE BY… Oatstraw & Milky Oats

COMMON NAME: Oatstraw; Milky Oats, Oats Flowering Tops; Oats LATIN NAME: Avena sativa FAMILY: Poaceae PLANT PART USED: Stems (Oatstraw) & Premature Seeds (Milky Oats) ENERGETICS: Neutral to cooling, moistening TASTE: Sweet PRIMARY ACTIONS: Antidepressant, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory (topically as colloidal oatmeal), Anti-insomnia, Antispasmodic, Anxiolytic, Cardiotonic, Capillary-Strengthening, Diuretic, Galactagogue, Hypolipidemic, Nervine Tonic, Nutritive, Vasodilator, Vulnerary (Demulcent …

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