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Holistic Health Practitioner / 250-Hour Internship



Phase One Studies

  1. AV10  EOs vs Herbs 
  2. A100 Healing EOs
  3. AV12 Compassion 
  4. M200 Nutrition 
  5. M310 Vitamins
  6. G110 GAPS
  7. G215 A&P Part#1
  8. G430 Women & Herbs
  9. M101 Adaptogens 
  10. M102 Infusions

Phase Two Studies

  1. G215 A&P Part #2
  2. M240 Lyme Disease
  3. M250 Parasites 
  4. G350 Herbs…#1
  5. G350 Herbs…#2
  6. M103 Antivirals 
  7. M105 Lung Health 

Phase Three Studies

  1. G540 Reflexology
  2. G100 Autoimmune
  3. M230 Immune System 
  4. G215 A&PPart #3
  5. G575 Digestion #1
  6. G575 Digestion #2

Phase Four Studies

  1. G600 Mental Health
  2. G500 Homeopathy
  3. G550 Natural Medicine #1
  4. G550 Natural Medicine #2
  5. G550 Natural Medicine #3
  6. M104 Medicinal Infusions 
  7. M610 Blood Chemistry 
  8. EHHP Final Exam


  1. Test Questions/Study Guide: Print the test and write in the answers as you read. When you have finished answering the questions on your paper test it is time to enter them into ClassMarker for grading.
  2. Log into ClassMarker: Your username and password for ClassMarker are in your Welcome Letter. To avoid mistakes copy and paste your username and password directly from your Welcome Letter.
  3. Complete the Online Test: Simply input the answers from each completed test into ClassMarker, our online test grading system to get your immediate test results!

Phase One Studies

Student Profile & Goals: Your student profile and picture are required for your confidential student folder. Defined goals and a mission are key to helping you stay focused! To do this, simply fill out your Student Profile on ClassMarker (online testing site) and email your photo to

A100 Healing Aromatherapy 
The Healing Power of Essential Oils by Eric Zielinski

A100 Test & Study Guide 

Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Natasha McBride

G110 Test & Study Guide 

M200 Nutrition & Health
by Sharlene Peterson

M200 Nutrition Manual
M200 Nutrition Test

M310 Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements by Darlene Jorgens

M310 Vitamins/Minerals…Manual 
M310 Vtamins/Minerals….Test

G215-A Anatomy & Physiology #1 open source college edition

G215 Anatomy & Physiology Manual  
G215-A Test/Study Guide Part 1

G430 Women & Herbs
Women’s Herbs Women’s Health by C.Hobbs & K. Keville

G430 Test & Study Guide 

M101 Herbal Adaptogens by Sharlene Peterson

M101 Herbal Adaptogens Manual
5-Question Quiz – coming soon

M102 Herbal Infusions & Teas by Sharlene Peterson

M102 Herbal Infusions Manual
5-Question Quiz – coming soon

AV10 Differences Between Essential Oils & Herbal Remedies by Darlene Jorgens

AV10 Video Test Questions  

AV12 The Compassion Connection
 by Darlene Jorgens & Sharlene Peterson 

AV12 Compassion Connection Test

Recommended Videos for the GAPS book

Phase Two Studies

G215-B Anatomy & Physiology #2– open source college edition

G215-B-Test/Study Guide Part 2

G350 Herbs and Physiology 
Herbal ABC’s: The Foundation of Herbal Medicine by Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner

G350-A Test/Study Guide Part 1 
G350-B Test/Study Guide Part 2 

M250 Parasites of Human Interest 
by Sharlene Peterson

M250 Human Parasites Manual 
M250 Human Parasites Test  

M240 Lyme Disease & Co-Infections by Sharlene Peterson

M240 Lyme disease Manual 
M240 Lyme Disease Test 

M105 Lung Health & Herbal Support
by Sharlene Peterson

M105 Lung Health Manual 
5-Question Quiz – coming soon

Black Seed Oil: “Thymoquinone, a compound found in Nigella sativa seeds has been shown to have beneficial modulatory activity on mast cells and their release of inflammatory histamine, cytokines, and eicosanoids, the effects of which can prominently be seen in the respiratory tract..N. sativa is popular for respiratory support; however, its uses are vast”. – Gaia Herbs

M103 Three Unrivaled Antiviral Herbs
by Sharlene Peterson

M102 Antiviral Herbs Manual 
5-Question Quiz – coming soon

Antiviral Note: Turkey tail mushroom, a well-known immune function stimulator, is able to increase antiviral cytokines. Research also suggests that turkey tail is effective against an oral strain of the human papillomavirus (HPV) when used in combination with reishi for 2-months.

Phase Three Studies

G100 Autoimmune 
The Autoimmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

G100 Test & Study Guide  

G215-C Anatomy & Physiology #3 – open source college edition

G215-C Test/Study Guide Part 3 

M230 Immune System Fundamentals & Autoimmune Disorders
by Sharlene Peterson

M230 Immune Manual  
M230 Immune Test  

G540 Reflexology 
Complete Reflexology of Life by Barbara & Kevin Kunz

G540 Test & Study Guide 

G575 Digestive Wellness 
Digestive Wellness (2019) 5th ed. by Elizabeth Lipski


“There is growing evidence that the microbiota and the integrity of the intestinal barrier play a role in autoimmune diseases. …In the intestinal permeability model of autoimmune diseases, the breakdown of the intestinal tight junction proteins (zonulin/occludin) allows bacteria, toxins, undigested dietary proteins, and other antigens to pass into the lumen, thereby increasing the number of inflammatory reactions and the activation of immune cells throughout the body”. - 

Phase Four Studies

M610 Basic Blood Chemistry by Sharlene Peterson

M610 Blood Chemistry Manual 
M610 Blood Chemistry Test 

G600 Herbs & Mental Health 
Herbal Medicine for Mental Health…by Dr. Lillian Somner (2022)


G500 Homeopathy
Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund Panos

G500 Test & Study Guide  

M104 Medicine Chest: Teas & Infusions 
by Sharlene Peterson<b

M104 Medicine Chest…Manual
5-Question Quiz – coming soon

G550 Natural Medicine: The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine, 3rd Ed. by Joseph Pizzorno 

You may buy the book or download the PDF version of the book and therapeutic pages. 

Holistic Health Practitioner Program

FINAL EXAM: Coming soon!

After completing the open-book final exam please fill out the HHP Internship form (below the recommended reading/viewing). 
There is a start date on the form that you need to fill out. The start date needs to be the beginning of a month (example: March 1, 202?) and within 2+ months after the exam. “2+” is because your final exam may have been completed in the middle of a month. So… if you finish your final on March 20th you may count it as April 1st and that means you need to start the 2-year internship on June 1st at the latest. 


VIDEO (1 hour and 13 minutes)

PART ONE: What is Holistic?

PART TWO: Quick take – Case Studies

PART THREE: Holistic Client Intake


You are now ready to start your 250-Hour Internship 

Start my HHP Internship!
Start Date needs to be on the 1st of a month. You need to start the internship within 2+ months after completing your final exam for the HHP courses.
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