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Earn Your Double-Diploma!

Master Herbalist & Holistic Health / Naturopathy Courses

All requirements for the HHP are the same as for the TND. Upon completion of your studies, either title may be selected for your diploma – no need to decide now! The difference in naming convention is primarily due to ongoing legal and political issues. We recommend using the designation Holistic Health Professional (HHP) should laws develop in your state that discourage the words “Doctor” or “Naturopath”.

Our online Holistic Health / Naturopathy and Master Herbalist online course is an exhilarating blend of both modern and traditional views of herbalism. It is designed for the student seeking a professional working knowledge of herbalism and alternative health modalities.

All books and resources have been selected to give students a solid foundation of knowledge. Yes, we do require more books and tests than most online herbalist and natural health programs! Your course curriculum is organized into four phases of study. Each phase builds upon the previous to guide you through the learning process of understanding and interpretation.

The title of Master Herbalist denotes proficiency in the use of herbs, it is important that you are able to competently and effectively use herbs for natural healthcare.

Holistic Health Professionals and Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy are are natural health professionals guided by the following principles:

  • First, do no harm. Traditional naturopathy embraces only nontoxic remedies and therapies.
  • The human body has the capacity to heal itself and maintain homeostasis. Naturopathy works in harmony with nature to restore and support the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Naturopaths consider the whole person, not just the physical symptoms but also the mental, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual factors that affect health.
  • Naturopaths strive to identify and correct the root cause of symptoms, disease, and disorder in the body.
  • Prevention of disease is the goal! Naturopaths advise clients about preventive measures to maintain health and avoid disease.

Studies for the master herbalist, holistic health, and naturopathy programs include college-level anatomy & physiology, client case studies, business resources, specialized manuals for the study of Lyme disease, blood chemistry tests, the immune system, autoimmune disorders, and parasites. 

Students will explore the vast knowledge that traditional herbalism has provided and the modern view of herbal constituents and scientific studies. You will also study the naturopathic regimens and recommended dietary changes, supplements and botanicals for 80 disease states based upon the most current evidence.

Student Accounts: Students enrolled in our herbal and holistic health diploma courses are eligible for student accounts with several professional herbal, homeopathic, and supplement companies. Companies include Energetix, DesBio, MarcoPharma, Professional Formulas, Systemic Formulas, and more.

Real Time: Led by Sharlene Peterson every 4-6 weeks, Real Time is a live, open-discussion meeting that is held online. and collect clinical “pearls,” as well as ask questions and engage in a variety of health-related conversations.

Accreditation: Graduates are eligible to apply for Board Certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Certification and Accreditation are voluntary – not required. You may freely consult with clients as long as you do not “diagnose or treat”. 

Student Testimonial: “Each and every book hand-selected from GSNH staff will keep you engaged in learning…you will want to keep ALL of the books! The monthly blogs and letters are excellent reads too, Regardless if you are looking to help yourself, family and friends or start a new career, this school is worth your time and efforts.” – Carla B

Overview: Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Course

  • 82 credit hours/984 study hours
  • 16 books to purchase (most are very reasonably priced)
  • 10 manuals/PDF books and/or videos that are included
  • 2 projects to complete
  • 4 case studies and business resources
  • 5 bonus guides

Estimated time to complete the master herbal and holistic health course is 28 months. The estimated time is a guideline. It is possible to finish earlier if you have the time to devote to your studies.

Paid in Full: $3,850.00 (Includes a $250 non-refundable application fee)

Payment Plan: $4,100.00 (Includes a $250 non-refundable application fee as your down payment. Payments are $192.50 per month for 20 months or $148.08 for 26 months.)

ATTENTION Military, Police & First Responders. Receive 25% off the program of your choice. This discount applies to all who have served, are currently serving, and their spouse. Thank you for your service! 

Add the Clinical Master Herbalist at any time for only $400.00 for a triple-diploma: CMH, MH, & HHP/TND

Certified Herbalist – Facts & Fiction

Many herbal students want to know whether they can become a certified or licensed herbalist. The truth is, there is currently no certifying agency or licensing board for herbalists in the United States. When you see a school offer certification for an herbalist or promote herbalist diploma programs with the titles Certified Herbalist or Certified Master Herbalist it is, in our opinion, a deception.

Most schools that offer herbal programs provide a certificate of completion when you have completed your studies, but this is not the same as obtaining certification from an official board that has legal authority. Herbalists who claim to be “certified” have been misinformed. TRUTH: If you live in the United States, you can use, sell, recommend, formulate herbal remedies, and charge for herbal services without a license or certification.

Student Testimonial Attending classes with Genesis School of Natural Health has truly been the best thing I've ever done for myself and those within my circle who are looking for guidance on herbal tips and tricks. It's a real eye-opener to make the change from decades of trusting in conventional medicines and 'food' companies to believing in a more holistic approach. Each and every book hand-selected from GSNH staff will keep you engaged in will want to keep ALL of the books! The monthly blogs and letters are excellent reads too, Regardless if you are looking to help yourself, family and friends or start a new career, this school is worth your time and efforts. Our world needs more herbalist speaking good words on behalf of mother nature's creations, as well as growing and using native plant foods & medicines". Carla B