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Holistic Aromatherapist Diploma Program
Inspiring and Relevant Essential Oil Training

Aromatherapy Professionals are in Demand!

The Holistic Aromatherapist (HA) diploma program is uniquely designed to encompass all stages of life, with the serious, “whole-istic” student in mind. Learn how essential oils are used in place of synthetic drugs and acquire therapeutic methods of application as well as blending to maximize the benefits and the many artistic uses of aromatherapy. Delve into health and disease processes to learn how nutrition and supplements can work synergistically with essential oils to support healing and to minimize symptoms. Master cutting-edge safety and usage guidelines, then gain the science-based knowledge necessary to dispel unsafe marketing myths that perpetuate the industry. 

Those who work or aspire to work in health-related fields such as nursing, natural health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, the mental health profession, (and more…), will find the Holistic Aromatherapist program particularly relevant.

We have meticulously selected the texts and materials to create a program that is compact, yet comprehensive. The aromatherapist program materials include books from respected professionals in the essential oil field of study, including Shirley and Len Price, Robert Tisserand, and Rodney Young. 

Real Time: Led by Sharlene Peterson every 4-6 weeks, Real Time is a live, open-discussion meeting that is held online. Our students are invited to attend from the comfort of their own homes. Come and collect clinical “pearls,” as well as ask questions and engage in a variety of health-related conversations.

Accreditation: Graduates are eligible to apply for Board Certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board. Board Certification is voluntary – not required. You may freely consult with clients as long as you do not “diagnose or treat”

The HA program contains the Aromatherapy Consultant (AC) requirements which makes it a double-diploma program. Graduates will receive both the AC and HA diplomas.

Aromatherapy Studies Include

  • Learn the History & Science of Essential Oils
  • Explore the Possibilities of Carrier Oils, Salts & Hydrosols
  • Study Absorption Pathways, Therapeutics & Blending Techniques
  • Delve into Nutrition, Toxicity & Disease Processes
  • Master Methods of Application & Essential Oil Synergy
  • Consider Safety for all Life Stages & Health Conditions, and more!

Requirements include 18 books/manuals/audio, 47 credit hours/564 study hours. The estimated time to finish is 16-20 months depending on how much time you have for study. Books are easily found on the internet and are the responsibility of the student. Audio/videos, manuals and other PDFs are included in the tuition. Manuals are designated by “M” (M200, M230, etc.). 

The Enrollment Form and Payment Cart are under construction. PLEASE CONTACT US!

Paid in Full: $2,100.00 (Includes a $250 non-refundable application fee)

Payment Plan: $2,350.00 (Includes a $250 non-refundable application fee as your downpayment.) Monthly payments are $140.00 per month for 15 months. 

ATTENTION Military, Law Enforcement, & First Responders. Receive 25% off the program of your choice. This discount applies to all who have served, are currently serving, and their spouse. Thank you for your service!

"Attending classes with Genesis School of Natural Health has truly been the best thing I've ever done for myself and those within my circle who are looking for guidance on herbal tips and tricks. It's a real eye-opener to make the change from decades of trusting in conventional medicines and 'food' companies to believing in a more holistic approach. Each and every book hand-selected from GSNH staff will keep you engaged in will want to keep ALL of the books! The monthly blogs and letters are excellent reads too, Regardless if you are looking to help yourself, family and friends or start a new career, this school is worth your time and efforts. Our world needs more herbalist speaking good words on behalf of mother nature's creations, as well as growing and using native plant foods & medicines. Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food....Hippocrates. Allow the dandelions and plantains to grow in your yard, and save the grass for the cows....Carla."

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  Thomas Edison, 1903

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