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 SG80 Business Building Resources 

#1: Your Office
#2: Consent to Treatment Form
#3: Symptom Form
#4: Supplement Recommendation Example 


PDF’s From Online Classes:

Lyme Disease & Co-Infections – Updated!
Human Parasites Manual Revised 8/1/2021 – corrected definition of ectoparasite and endoparasite (I had them reversed!)
Immune System Fundamentals & Autoimmune Disorders – Updated!
Menstruum & Math for Herbalists
Rhodiola rosea & Adaptogens

Three Unrivaled Antiviral Herbs   

Lung Health & Herbal Support

Herbal Infusions & Teas Part One

Home Medicine Chest – Herbal Infusions 

New Phone and Email Addresses!

Only use email addresses that have – – or

School Phone: 605-639-1648

Doctors’ Research / Food Research 

Doctors’ Research products are labeled “Food Research International, LLC”.  This supplement line provides only 100% FOOD products and never provides “vitamins or minerals” from any USP or inorganic sources.  Porcine, shellfish, gelatin, or USA-derived bovine is NOT utilized in any products or capsules.  All products are tested for quality to ensure they exceed the highest standards in the dietary supplement industry.

Dr. Thiel has graciously agreed to give enrolled students of Genesis School of Natural Health 30% OFF of standard retail prices.  Free shipping is applied to all orders over $400.  Graduates are eligible for wholesale prices at 50% off SRP. Once students receive their diploma, email a copy to Doctors’ Research along with a request for your status be changed to wholesale and they will be happy to process your request.

To set up your account ->

GRADUATES!  If you are a graduate who is interested in a wholesale account, simply contact Doctors’ Research directly and make an account request with an emailed copy of your diploma to:

Information/Contact->  Doctor’s Research Introductory Video

Phone: 805/489-7185

Fax: 805/489-0334



Product Catalog: