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CMH & HHP with Internship: Enrollment & Payment


1. Fill out the Enrollment Form – please proofread – this information is for your student file. After using the “Submit” button choose one of the payment options above the enrollment form.

2. Payment Options: Use the “Pay in Full” or “Pay Deposit

  • Tuition: $5,525.00
  • Pay in Full and save 15%: $4,696.25
  • Payment Plan: Tuition is $5,525.00 and the deposit is $2,000.00. Payments for the remaining balance of $3,525.00 will be $146.88 for 24 months.
  • Discounts: Military, Police & First Responders receive 15% off diploma programs. This discount applies to all who have served, are currently serving, and their spouse. Tuition ($4,696.25) is the same if paying in full or making payments. If making payments the deposit is $2,000.00 Payments for the remaining $2,696.25 balance will be $134.81 for 20 months.
CMH & HHP with Internship Enrollment
Payments/Contract: If you have given Genesis School of Natural Health authorization to process your credit card - this occurs when you agree to make monthly payments - we will continue to do so until the full tuition is paid. When you agree to use the payment plan option you are entering into a contract.

Thank you for choosing Genesis School of Natural Health!

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