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Family Aromatherapy Certificate: Enrollment & Payment


1. Fill out the Enrollment Form – please proofread – this information is for your student file. After using the “Submit” button you can use the payment button.

2. Payment –You will be automatically registered for the Student Portal after using the cart to pay for your diploma or certificate course. We will send you a Welcome Letter (during office hours) with additional school information and your username/password for the online testing site. We do not have payment plans for Certificate Courses. 

If you qualify for a military/officer/first responder discount please use the Discount Form at the bottom of the page for an instant coupon code for $75.00. After you add the course to the cart and proceed to checkout, there will be an option to enter the discount code (right above entering your billing and credit card  information). All certificate course discounts are $75.00 and all of the diploma programs have a 25% discount.

3. Enjoy the Journey! Each course is self-paced so you may study at the pace that fits into your schedule. You may of course contact us if you have questions or need some motivation to stay on course with your study goals.

Family Aromatherapy Certificate Enrollment
Military/officer/first responder Discount Code
$75.00 Discount Code for Certificate Courses

All of the classes/books used for this certificate course are also part of the following diploma programs:

  • Aromatherapy Consultant (AC)
  • Holistic Aromatherapist (HA – a natural double diploma HA & AC)
  • Triple Diploma: HA, AC, & HHP or TND

If you decide to complete a diploma program you get credit for all of the classes (grades transfer to transcript) and $395.00 off the total. 

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