Natural Health Diploma Programs

Genesis School of Natural Health is a professionally accredited online school with an educational emphasis on the use of herbs, dietary changes, and homeopathics in a professional setting. Students may enroll anytime during the year. Our most popular program is our double-diploma Master Herbalist (MH) and Holistic Health Professional (HHP) which provides the knowledge to work with even the most challenging clients. Our newest addition is Clinical Master Herbalist (CMH). You will receive two diplomas: Clinical Master Herbalist & Master Herbalist!



Core Diploma Course Programs

Master Herbalist (MH)

Clinical Master Herbalist (CMH & MH)

Natural Health Consultant (NHC)

Holistic Health Professional (HHP)

Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy (TND)


Double and Triple-Diploma Course Programs

Master Herbalist & Natural Health Consultant

Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Professional

Master Herbalist & Traditional Dr. of Naturopathy

Clinical Master Herbalist, Master Herbalist, & Natural Health Consultant

Clinical Master Herbalist, Master Herbalist, & Holistic Health Professional

Clinical Master Herbalist, Master Herbalist, & Traditional Dr. of Naturopathy



All programs have been purposely designed to overlap in key study areas to provide an affordable opportunity to broaden your studies. Students may enroll in additional programs at any time with duplicate classes credited in full. Course Catalog 2021 


Military/Law Enforcement/First Responders Discount: We offer  25% off any program for anyone who has or is serving in the military or works as a first responder or in law enforcement. This discount is also available for the spouse – when one serves the whole family serves! 


Genesis School of Natural Health has avoided any known language that may become an issue as the medical profession and drug companies try to limit our access to natural health consultants and natural products.

We do not offer a Doctor of Naturopathy diploma or degree. It is called Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. You may choose the recognition as Holistic Health Professional for the same program. If you choose the TND program and later find out that this was not the best decision for you, we will provide a new diploma stating you are a HHP.  There is a $40 fee for a new transcript and new diploma.

We say Holistic Health Professional instead of Holistic Health Practitioner as the word “practitioner” may be viewed as a medical designation in the future. The definition of practitioner is “a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, especially medicine.”

The word “Certified” could also be used against a person or an organization. “If a customer, patient, or employer is injured by a certified product or professional, it is possible that the certifying organization will be held liable for negligence or negligent misrepresentation.” We offer a Certificate in Herbalism, however, we do not say that you are a certified herbalist. We look forward to adding other certificates in the future.

We do not offer “degrees”. The name implies that the credits can transfer to government accredited schools and I find that misleading. We offer professional diplomas to recognize and verify your many hours of study and completion of our program.

“Genesis School of Natural Health is absolutely one of the best natural health schools in the market! The curriculum is all inclusive and the presentation has a scaffolding effect. The school representatives are highly knowledgeable and possess a heartfelt desire to help the students. This is overall the best experience I have ever had with any school. My Master’s degree is in Public Health with a Health Education and Promotion Certification. I will tell you, Genesis School of Natural Health ranks equally with regionally accredited colleges based on Genesis’ curriculum selections and program platforms. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to gain a firm understanding of Holistic health.” – Dana A.

I want to thank you for the experience with Genesis School of Natural Health. I really believe you are far superior to other natural health schools because of your content and dedication. I went into this just wanting a certificate for herbalism to prove to myself I knew what I was doing. I decided to do the Duel Diploma because you offered a discount for two in one. I am so glad I made that decision. I’ve learned so much more than I ever expected. I feel so much more confident and have more knowledge than I ever thought I would need. With this knowledge, I am able to better help clients and the public in ways I never knew I would.  Thank you, R. L.

 If you have questions about this or any of the programs at Genesis School of Natural Health, please use our contact form and we will email and/or call – you may choose on the contact form if you prefer a call or would like to use email.

Enjoy the Journey,
Genesis School of Natural Health