Clinical Master Herbalist & Natural Health Consultant
Expanding Your Knowledge and Opportunities! 

Our Clinical Master Herbalist course provides the educational standard required for those interested in becoming a professional natural health provider with a solid foundation in the safe and effective use of herbs. Your studies will include the complete Master Herbalist program and college level studies in phytochemistry, anatomy & physiology, and natural medicine protocols for the most challenging clients. Graduates of the CMH & NHC program will receive three diplomas: Master Herbalist, Clinical Master Herbalist, and Natural Health Consultant.

The Natural Health Consultant (NHC), sometimes called a Natural Health Coach, can be thought of as a fountain of information for those who seek to effectively care for themselves. The NHC uses the client consult to consider the whole person, looking beyond presenting symptoms to uncover the root cause of dis-ease. This assessment is the basis for educating each individual client and for recommending natural, drugless modalities such as dietary changes; exercise; vitamins, minerals, and other supplements; stress reduction; and herbal remedies in conjunction with alternative approaches to healing. This holistic wellness paradigm is both complimentary to allopathic healthcare or as a stand alone alternative regimen.

While Natural Health Consultants and Clinical Master Herbalists are not licensed medical practitioners, Medical or Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurses, and other licensed practitioners may choose to become NHC’s simply because of the health-promoting nutritional and natural health information. Many practitioners find that food nutrients, supplements, and herbal remedies have a profound effect on their patients, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals and other medical services and procedures, while enhancing patient recovery time.

The course curriculum is organized into four phases of study. Each phase builds upon the previous phase to guide you through the learning process of understanding and interpretation. Your books and resources have been rigorously selected to give you, the future practitioner, a solid foundation of knowledge and a reliable resource library.

Board Certification
This natural health program prepares you and makes you eligible to apply for Board Certification. The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board provides full board professional accreditation and certification to both institutes of higher education and professional practitioners. Students who have received their diplomas are encouraged to apply at

Requirements include 19 books/manuals, 2 projects, 1 DVD, and 3 online classes (Functional Anatomy, Case Studies #1 and #2, Case Studies #3 and #4), and a final exam. Estimated time to complete this program is 32 months. 78 credit hours/1248 study hours.

Herbal & Natural Health Course Studies Include

  • phytochemistry, herbal medicine making, botany, herbal properties & formulas, and client case studies
  • modern and traditional studies in natural health protocols
  • autoimmune diseases, parasites, Lyme disease
  • nutrition, vitamins & minerals, kinesiology and blood chemistry
  • college level anatomy & physiology and phytochemistry


M310 Vitamin,Minerals, & Supplements
by Darlene Jorgens

G210/G215 Anatomy & Physiology Part#1
(Choose book or free PDF)

G300 Disease Prevention
Never Be Sick Again
by Raymond Francis

M200 Nutrition & Health
by Sharlene Peterson

G480 Phytochemistry Part #1
Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry

G415 Studies in Botany 
Botany in a Day APG
by Thomas J. Elpel

SG30 Herbal Reference Project
(Start in Phase One-Finish in Phase Four)


G110 Gut & Psychology Syndrome
Gut and Psychology Syndrome
by Natasha McBride

G210/G215 Anatomy & Physiology Part#2
(Choose book or free PDF)

G350 Herbs and Physiology
Herbal ABC’s: The Foundation of Herbal Medicine
by Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner

G480 Phytochemistry Part #2
Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry

G430 Women & Herbs
Women’s Herbs Women’s Health
by C. Hobbs and K. Keville

G100 Autoimmune 
The Autoimmune Epidemic
by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

M230 Autoimmune Diseases
by Sharlene Peterson


G400 Herbal Preparations
The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook
by James Green

SG31 Herbal Preparation Projects
Herbal Medicine Making Project

G440 Properties & Formulas
School of Natural Healing by Dr. John R. Christopher

G210/G215 Anatomy & Physiology Part#3
(Choose book or free PDF)

G480 Phytochemistry Part #3
Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry
by Lisa Ganora

G480 Phytochemistry Part #4
Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry

M240 Lyme Disease & Co-Infections
by Sharlene Peterson


M610 Blood Chemistry
Basic Blood Chemistry
by Sharlene Peterson

M250 Parasites of Human Interest
by Sharlene Peterson

G460 Medical Herbalism 
Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman

G480 Phytochemistry Part #5
Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry
by Lisa Ganora

G550 Clinician’s Natural Medicine
The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine 
by Joseph Pizzorno

G470 Earthwise Herbal Repertory
Earthwise Herbal Repertory by Matthew Wood

G600 Kinesiology DVD
Muscle Testing for Your Health
by David J.Getoff

TCMH Final Exam

“Genesis School of Natural Health is absolutely one of the best natural health schools in the market! The curriculum is all inclusive and the presentation has a scaffolding effect. The school representatives are highly knowledgeable and possess a heartfelt desire to help the students. This is overall the best experience I have ever had with any school. My Master’s degree is in Public Health with a Health Education and Promotion Certification. I will tell you, Genesis School of Natural Health ranks equally with regionally accredited colleges based on Genesis’ curriculum selections and program platforms. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to gain a firm understanding of Holistic health.” – Dana A.

Download Course Catalog 2021 for more information about our natural health courses.

Paid in Full: $3,800.00 (includes $250 non-refundable application fee).
Installment Plan: $3,900.00 ($250 non-refundable application fee as your down payment and $146.00 per month for 25 months or $130.36 for 28 months).

Military/Law Enforcement/First Responders Discount: 25% off any program for anyone who has or is serving in the military or in law enforcement. This discount is also available for the spouse – when one serves the whole family serves!

All programs have been purposely designed to overlap in key study areas to provide an affordable opportunity to broaden your studies. Adding the Master Herbalist course to your natural health consultant program is only $950.00.

Where do Herbalists & Natural Health Consultants work?

There are many options. These days, it is becoming more and more common for Master Herbalists and Natural Health Consultants to work out of a professional wellness suite. A wellness suite is a group of specialized professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, medical doctors, etc., who recognize there are gaps in the services they provide for their clients. The allopathic medical system in its current structure does not allow doctors to spend the time they would like with each patient. Additionally, the comprehensive assessment given by an NHC offers an important professional ‘connection’ people often need. Creating a one-stop-shop such as a wellness center is a value-added drawing card benefitting both clients and business owners.

Other natural health professionals choose to have an office of their own in a business complex, doctors office, store front, or perhaps out of their own home.  Hours may vary as some MHs & NHCs prefer to provide services strictly during business hours, evenings, or weekends, or even part-time. The choice is up to you!

Additional groups and clubs are always looking for speakers or presenters so there are plenty of opportunities for the natural health professional to speak about health in general or on specific topics. Some blog or write articles for themselves or contract services to other professionals. Places of employment can also include supplement manufacturers and stores that sell nutritional supplements.

“At Genesis School of Natural Health you’ll discover a comprehensive, personalized course of study guaranteed to equip you for your career in natural health care.I transferred to GSNH from a well-recognized, established natural health school where I had been disappointed in the lack of mentorship and hands-on training in their doctor of naturopathy program. Anyone can acquire a book list to read through and many natural health schools share similar curriculum contents… it’s the personal connection that inspires excellence and distinguishes among schools.Genesis provides incredible learning opportunities through virtual classes as well as valuable teaching through real-life case studies and one-on-one coaching for setting up your own business. Because of this I felt prepared to navigate the waters of starting my own natural health office and am now a successful, confident, holistic health practitioner.” – Faith S.

 If you have questions about this or any of the programs at Genesis School of Natural Health, please use our contact form and we will email and/or call – you may choose on the contact form if you prefer a call or would like to use email.

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