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23418661_sBoards and Certifications: 
What Students Need To Know

When a student has completed all the program requirements and receives a diploma from a non-traditional school they are eligible to apply for Boards & Certifications.

This article includes a list of organizations that offer certification. This is not complete list. I have only included the ones that are recommended by the schools I researched.

The requirements for each organization vary and are briefly described within this article. Some organizations prefer (but don’t require) that the students have completed courses from a school they have accredited/accepted.

The purpose of this article is about transparency. We are not against certification organizations. We do want our students to understand what certification is and what it is not.


  • Certification is a voluntary process. Voluntary means that it is not required by law and it is not required or needed to work in the field of natural health. It means that you want a certificate that says you are board certified and you are willing to apply, pay, and maintain the certification. Certification is not a permission to act, but rather a statement of completion or qualification. Certification is a private matter, issued by a private organization. It does not involve regulation of the state.

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