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Biological & Health Studies Certificate Course

Advanced Biological Studies in Holistic Health

This dynamic module, Biological & Health Studies, is a powerhouse of information for the serious natural health student. The Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) study guide that corresponds to the provided text, expounds on key points bringing clarity, the application of new research, holistic recommendations, and many notes and comments for your consideration. Then deep dive into the advanced course manuals by Sharlene Peterson. Allow her to take you on a journey of discovery into the root cause(s) and complexities of various disease states based upon the latest available research. Find out how to support stressed body systems and which herbs and supplements are most effective, and learn to interpret the blood tests that your clients bring with them.

You will also study the naturopathic regimens and recommended dietary changes, supplements and botanicals for 80 disease states based upon the most current evidence. Case studies will take you through the process of determining protocols and discovering root causes of dysfunction. Thank you for choosing Genesis to advance your natural health knowledge with our advanced holistic health certificate program!

Includes 6 Bonus Guides

  • New Organ System Discovery
  • Herbal Adaptogens
  • Three Unrivaled Antiviral Herbs
  • Herbal Medicine Chest: Teas & Infusions
  • Lung Health & Herbal Support
  • Herbal Infusions & Teas
Naturopathic Doctor

Biological & Health Studies

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Required Books/Reading

    • G215 Anatomy & Physiology (Open-sourced – PDF Download)
    • M200 Nutrition & Health by Sharlene Peterson (PDF)
    • M310 Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements by Darlene Jorgens (PDF)
    • M230 Immune System Fundamentals & Autoimmune Disease by Sharlene Peterson (included in tuition/PDF)
    • M240 Lyme Disease & Co-Infections by Sharlene Peterson (included in tuition/PDF)
    • M250 Parasites of Human Interest by Sharlene Peterson (included in tuition/PDF)
    • G550 Natural Medicine: The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine  by Joseph Pizzorno
    • M610 Basic Blood Chemistry by Sharlene Peterson (included in tuition/PDF)
    • SG21 Client Case Studies #1*
    • SG22 Client Case Studies #2*
    • SG23 Client Case Studies #3*
    • SG24 Client Case Studies #4*

All of the classes/books used for this certificate course are also part of the following diploma programs:

  • CMH (a natural double-diploma Master Herbalist & Clinical Master Herbalist)
  • Diploma: Holistic Health Professional (HHHP) or Traditional Dr. of Naturopathy (TND)
  • Double Diploma: Master Herbalist & HHP or TND
  • Triple Diploma: CMH, MH, & HHP or TND

If you choose to complete a diploma program you will receive credit for all of the classes (grades transfer to transcript) and $525.00 off the tuition total. 

"I really appreciate the care and sensitivity demonstrated about the ethical and legal practices of natural health. Addressing these topics has helped me avoid potential pitfalls and wade through issues such as licensure, boards, professional titles, career paths, accreditation, etc. No other sc­­­hool is so transparent, honest and sensitive about these things. Thank you so much!" Alexandros

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison, 1903

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