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New and Free: Anatomy & Physiology PDF

Part One: PDF Anatomy and Physiology

  1. G215 PDF Book: Anatomy & Physiology PDF
  2. G215-A: A&P manual (part A) Test
  3. G215-A: A&P manual (part A) Answer Sheet

The versions of the Anatomy & Physiology (11th & 12th editions) we currently use have become next-to-impossible to purchase and expensive.

For those students who have already purchased the Ross & Wilson A&P book, go ahead and use it to take the tests as planned.  This will not affect you.

For students who have NOT already ordered the text, please DO NOT.  We have found an open-source Anatomy & Physiology book available as a PDF and it is FREE! We will be rewriting the tests (3-part test) as soon as possible.

In the meantime, DO NOT LET THIS HOLD UP YOUR STUDY PROGRESS!! Keep on moving through the learning phases in your respective programs, reading and testing on the other materials that are there.  Meanwhile we will continue to work on selecting a new text and preparing the corresponding test materials.

A special “thank you” to those who have shared your experiences with us.  We really do listen to our students and thank all of you for choosing Genesis School of Natural Health.

Enjoy the Journey!

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