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Herbal, Aromatherapy, and Holistic Health Courses

Diploma Programs


Set yourself apart with our Clinical Master Herbalist program! Studies include the complete Master Herbalist program (your receive 2 diplomas!)combined with holistic health studies, anatomy & physiology, phytochemistry, blood chemistry, the immune system, Lyme disease, parasites, and more!

master herbalist traingin course

This is a professional level program with courses in botany, herbal medicine-making, formulations, essential oils safe during pregnancy, case studies, and more. Our carefully selected modern and traditional herbalism books provide an extensive materia medica for the serious herbal student.


The Aromatherapy Consultant program includes meticulously selected texts to create a course that is compact and comprehensive. Learn how to safely use essential oils with all age groups and gain the science-based knowledge necessary to dispel unsafe marketing myths.


Our Natural Health Consultant diploma provides a solid foundation in natural health strategies. It contains the core of all our holistic studies which includes case studies and specialized manuals for understanding the immune system and much more. An excellent program for anyone seeking the knowledge to work safely and effectively with family or clients.


Discover a revolutionary approach to using essential oils. Learn how to properly formulate essential oil blends for physical and emotional symptoms, and explore effective methods for applying these blends. Holistic studies include disease prevention, anatomy & physiology, the role of minerals & vitamins in the human body & more.


Start your journey in natural health care with the HHP-TND program! Natural health professionals use a wide variety modalities, herbs, homeopathy, and supplements to care for clients of all ages. Our TND program is exactly the same as our HHP program. You may choose the designation that suits your preference or state laws.  

Certificate Courses


This course provides a foundational approach to aromatherapy. Learn how to confidently and safely use essential oils with all age groups – from birth all the way through to the end-of-life. You’ll learn which essential oils to select for a wide variety of health conditions and how to use them safely.


Continue your journey by diving into a deeper understanding of the human body, natural healing, and prevention. Studies include the historical use of herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and the Compassion Connection.


Advance your herbal preparation and formulation skills! First, you will learn how to identify plants according to common plant family patterns, then study the nature of plant constituents (phytochemistry). Discover which methods work best for preparing your remedies.


This course is a powerhouse of information for the serious natural health student. Studies include our specialized manuals: Lyme Disease & Co-Infections; Blood Chemistry; Parasites of Human Interest; and Immune System Fundamentals & Autoimmune Disease. 

  1. Functional Medicine Consultant (Diploma Course)

  2. Endocannabinoid Professional (Diploma Course)

  • Endocannabinoid Consultant (Certificate Course)
  • Herbal Medicine Chest (Certificate Course)

Double & Triple- Diploma Programs


Double Diploma
Aromatherapists with an understanding of nutrition and disease processes are a rare breed! This course brings them together in a power-packed combination to meet the unique needs of our modern-day families and clientele.


Double Diploma
Combining the professional Master Herbalist program with the NHC program is an excellent combination for anyone seeking to work with clients or in an herbal apothecary. Our NHC program contains the core of all our holistic studies. 


Double Diploma
A natural combination! Our Master Herbalist course is a an extensive program for the student seeking a professional working knowledge of herbalism. An aromatherapist works with specific and concentrated parts of the aromatic herbs. 


Double Diploma
We prepare our students for a diverse clientele with a in-depth and comprehensive program which includes an extensive materia medica, biological studies, and traditional and modern healing modalities. 

Triple Diploma Aromatherapy combined with the knowledge of naturopathic modalities and strategies, biological health studies, herbal remedies, homeopathy, Lyme disease, parasites, and more, will be in demand!

Triple Diploma
The ultimate combination for anyone seeking to be preeminent in the field of natural health. This professional-level program provides the in-depth training that is needed to provide clients of all ages with safe and effective health strategies. 

Degree or Diploma?

Genesis School has avoided any known language that may become an issue as the medical profession and drug companies try to limit our access to natural health consultants and natural products.

  • We do not offer a Doctor of Naturopathy diploma or degree we use the designation Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy (TND). Both the TND and HHP programs have the exact same requirements to offer you a choice and to provide a quick and simple way to change your designation if needed.
  • ”The word “Certified” could also be used against a person or an organization. “If a customer, patient, or employer is injured by a certified product or professional, it is possible that the certifying organization will be held liable for negligence or negligent misrepresentation. We offer certificates of completion for our courses (not certified courses) and we offer diplomas (not degrees) for our core programs. 
  • We do not offer “degrees” because the name implies that the credits can transfer to government accredited schools and I find that misleading. We offer professional diplomas and are accredited by a professional organization to recognize and verify your many hours of study and completion of our herbal and natural health courses and programs. 
  • Herbalism schools, or other natural health schools, that are offering degrees may not be recognized by government or educational department. Ask them if the credits completed can be transferred to your local college or university to determine if you are receiving a professional diploma of completion or a college/university degree. 

Our mission is to provide the public with competent, educated, and confident herbalists and natural health professionals. To accomplish this mission we provide students with an in-depth, comprehensive education in preparation for the numerous health challenges they will encounter. 

All of our online natural health courses and programs have been purposely designed to overlap in key study areas to provide an affordable opportunity to broaden your studies. Many students choose a double or triple-diploma program but, students may complete additional programs at any time with duplicate classes credited in full.

Our HHP and TND programs are EXACTLY the same – students may choose the designation of HHP or TND when they graduate depending on the naturopathic laws in their state.

*Double-diplomas by default: The Clinical Master Herbalist course contains all the requirements for Master Herbalist and the Holistic Aromatherapist course contains all the requirements for the Aromatherapy Consultant. Students will receive 2 diplomas when they complete the CMH or HA classes. 

Genesis School of Natural Health has a mission to provide the public with competent, educated, and confident natural health professionals. As a student you will receive a comprehensive and in-depth education to effectively prepare you for the needs of your future clients. Genesis offers accredited online herbal & natural health programs and courses that offer both the trusted historical and newest scientific information. Board Certification eligibility is available for all of our core diploma programs.