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Sharlene Peterson, Founder & Educational Administrator

Sharlene’s journey into natural health began after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. One of her children had a health issue that would not resolve and a friend directed her to a holistic professional who helped her child recover. This piqued her interest, and spurred Sharlene into an intensive time where she devoured dozens of books and research articles, attended seminars (many of which were offered by professional herbal and supplement companies), and began a four-year apprenticeship under the guidance of two wonderful naturopaths at Alt Med Services in Rapid City, SD. 

In 2008, Sharlene opened her own natural health office and soon had clients traveling from all over the United States to consult with her. With so many people traveling great distances she began to ask them why. The answers were often the same. While clients actually did have natural health choices closer to home, they either did not get positive results or they didn’t feel confident with the knowledge of the herbalists or natural health providers. 

From there, Sharlene began to consider the various online programs available to natural health students. She spent thousands of dollars, to evaluate what was being taught. What she discovered was that the instruction was basic and incomplete leaving holes in the knowledge base of students. This confirmed what Sharlene’s clients had said. They were simply not getting their health needs met in other natural health offices.

At that time (2008-2014) there were very few choices in online schools. The lack of competition resulted in outdated information as there was no incentive for these schools to update their curriculums. Today, there are many advanced learning opportunities available, although they are mixed in with the inadequate (but eloquently named) studies. 

In 2014, Sharlene Peterson’s desire to increase public access to competent natural health professionals across the United States became a reality. Genesis School of Natural Health made its online presence known in a deliberate response to the need for high-caliber natural health professionals to support a very under-served public. 

Genesis provides students with an in-depth, comprehensive education in preparation for the numerous health challenges they will encounter. The curriculum at Genesis is continually updated to give students the most current scientific knowledge and assessments without eroding the proven historical use of herbs and keen observation and listening skills. When advised that the programs offered by Genesis School of Natural Health are worth far more in comparison to that charged by other schools, Founder Sharlene Peterson, affirmed her commitment to her initial vision of financial growth by the addition of students and not increases in the cost of tuition. 

Genesis School of Natural Health has quickly become even more than an online learning institution. It is a community of pioneers, leaders and future leaders, who are well-equipped with a complete foundational knowledge of natural health in addition to their own unique personal gifts and talents. These same people are dedicated to the service their fellow man and local communities. We welcome you to join our team. 

Darlene Jorgens, Student Advisor

Darlene’s interest in natural health began with a gradual awakening to the gentle, restorative power of herbs. This growing realization that nutrition along with natural remedies, provide a foundation for the restoration of the body. This became a passion causing Darlene to search for an online directed learning system to make the most of her time and resources.

Initially, she considered a number of schools, however, three ended up in her final selection. From there, Darlene took a very in-depth look at the courses offered and the required learning materials. Of the three, only Genesis School of Natural Health had the most substantial and informative selection of books, manuals and online classes. These books, manuals and study guides would later become her reference library. As one of the very first students to enroll at Genesis School of Natural Health, Darlene chose the Natural Health Consultant and Master Herbalist double-diploma program. Upon graduation, she re-enrolled in the Holistic Health Professional / Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy program, and lastly earned her diploma as a Clinical Master Herbalist. 

As a graduate of Genesis School of Natural Health, Darlene has an intimate knowledge not only of the curriculum but of the benefits as well as the difficulties involved in distance learning. This coupled with a deep love for people made Darlene a strong candidate for our Student Advisor position.

Darlene owns a natural health office in Elyria, Ohio, called THE HERBS & THE BEES, LLC which serves both her local community and an increasing number of people from out-of-state. She has a deep love for animals which has provided opportunity to use her knowledge of herbs, nutrition and natural health with horses, dogs, cats, goats, chickens – you name it. She is frequently sought out for the remediation of pain in animals.

Additionally, Darlene is the author of one of our nutritional studies texts: VITAMINS, MINERALS & SUPPLEMENTS: Nutrient Sources, Functions, Symptoms of Deficiency & Toxicity, and more… It is available in select course offerings to current Genesis students. Although her contribution to educational materials and projects is immense, Darlene’s primary duty is to help you! If you have questions about your selected program, or need encouragement or motivation throughout your studies, reach out to Darlene. She finds it a privilege and a joy to connect with you.

“The one who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the one doing it.” ~Chinese Proverb

Genesis School Advisors

Endocannabinoid Curriculum Advisor: Amber Drake

Functional Medicine Advisor: Julie Alsaker

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