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NOTE: THE DATES ARE APPROXIMATE AND SOME STUDENTS FROM THE “OLD” PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS MOVED TO THE “NEW” PROGRAM FORMAT. A  key difference includes: “old” MH program required the Anatomy & Physiology book while the “new” MH program requires the Herbal ABCs (herbs and physiology) book.

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2014 – JUNE 2019
Started in JULY 2019
Master Herbalist (MH) Master Herbalist (MH)
Natural Health Consultant (NHC) Clinical Master Herbalist (CMH)
Holistic Health Professional (HHP) Natural Health Consultant (NHC)
Traditional Dr. of Naturopathy (TND) Holistic Health Professional (HHP)
Double diploma: MH & NHC Traditional Dr. of Naturopathy (TND)
Double diploma: MH & HHP Double diploma: MH & NHC
Double diploma: MH & TND Double diploma: MH & HHP
Double diploma: MH & TND
Triple: CMH, MH, & HHP/TND
Triple: CMH, MH & NHC