School Policies


Our Course Catalog contains information for all diploma programs, study groups, requirements, policies, and contact information. It is a PDF document that you may save to your computer for future reference. Our current online school programs include: Master Herbalist, Natural Health Professional, Holistic Health Professional, and Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. Coming Soon: Medical Herbalism diploma program!


We require the minimum of a high school diploma or GED to enroll in any program at Genesis. If a student is from outside the U.S. will need a description of your educational background. Students are NOT required to have a college degree. Genesis School of Natural Health has a nondiscriminatory policy. We do not discriminate period! We exist to teach and train all those interested in the field of natural health. Legally we would say that we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, or national origin.

Distance Education Requirements

You should have basic computer skills – you will need to know how to use email, attach files, access the Internet, and how to utilize word processing.

Students are required to have a desktop or laptop computer in their own home – Mac or PC. This computer must have an enabled sound card, speakers and a microphone (most newer models will have these requirements built in).

Students need a Broadband Internet connection such as Cable or DSL.

A personal email address is required – this must not be shared with a spouse or other family members. If your email contact changes you must notify us immediately – send us an email using your new address with the Subject stating “NEW EMAIL ADDRESS”.

Students must download the free software programs provided for classes. GoToMeeting and Adobe Reader are free and necessary for all educational programs.

Testing Methods
There will be a blend of short answers, essay questions, client protocols, and the formation of reference material for your future office.

Registration and Fees
Registration requires a completed application and acceptance into the program of choice. We will review your application and schedule an appointment to help you with any additional documentation that may be necessary to approve your registration. There is a $150 non-refundable application fee which is included in the tuition prices. The fee per credit hour is $40.00.

After your registration is approved you will receive a student package with all the information you will need for downloading Study Group materials, tests, and for completing the Student Profile. We require a completed Student Profile and a small photograph for each student’s file. The information in the Student Profile and the picture are for office use only – we will not publish or share student information with anyone. The Student Profile is due before starting Phase One Study Groups.

All textbooks and CDs are the responsibility of the student and are available at many online bookstores. Study Group downloads are included in the tuition. An installment plan for all programs is available. Our installment plan requires a down payment of $300.00 -$500, which includes the nonrefundable $150 application fee. Credit cards, personal checks and money orders are accepted for tuition payment and must be in U.S. Dollars. Genesis does not participate in Federal or State financial aid programs.

Refund Policy
Students who withdraw from their program of study within the first 60 days will receive a full refund on the tuition paid for their program, minus the $150 non-refundable application fee and the fee for any completed courses. The fee per credit hour is $40.00. If you have given Genesis School of Natural Health authorization to process your credit card we will continue to do so until the full tuition is paid unless you formally withdraw from your program within the first 60 days. Stopping payments or course work is not considered an official withdrawal from the school. You must contact our office to withdraw from any program or class.

Transfer of Credits
Transfer of credits/classes from another school is allowed but it will be done on an individual basis. A maximum of 3 classes may be transferred. There are no fees for the transfer of classes – we are pleased that you have chosen to continue your education at our school.

A few states require a license to work in specific areas of the natural health field. Genesis School of Natural Health does not meet the educational requirement of any state where a license is required. It is the student’s responsibility to find out the individual requirements of your state so you are in compliance with their laws. Our online distance learning programs lead to non-traditional diplomas and designations. Genesis School of Natural Health does not have, nor do we plan, to seek accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.


♦♦♦ Please read our posts on Accreditation and Boards & Certifications ♦♦♦


Time Limit for the Programs
There is no set time in which the student must complete any individual phase of learning; however, the student must complete the entire program with the following guidelines.

A one-year time limit applies to the certificate programs.
A three-year time limit applies to the Master Herbalist, Herbal Consultant, and Natural Health Consultant programs.
A four-year time limit applies to the Holistic Health Professional and Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy programs.
A five-year time limit applies to Double-Diploma programs.

Extension or Leave of Absence
If the student is unable to complete a program within the time limit they may request an Extension (need more time) or a Leave of Absence (emergency or life changing events) by written request (mail or email only). The Extension or Leave of Absence request will be reviewed on an individual basis and the student will be notified of the decision made. All correspondence regarding these conversations or emails will be saved within the Student Profile but will not appear on any public forms or transcripts. All Extensions and Leave of Absence have a time limit of one year.

At Risk for Unsatisfactory Progress
Our Student Coordinator will try to contact the student if course work and Study Groups have not been completed within our estimated time limits. This is a courtesy call only. We want to help address any issues with the studies, testing, acquiring books, or motivation and time issues we want to help. If we are unable to contact you by phone or email we will use your mailing address with instructions on how to contact our Student Coordinator.

Grading Scale
90-100% – A; 80-89% – B; 75-79% – C

If a student receives a grade below 75% arrangements will be made through the Student Coordinator to determine if full retesting is required or if there was an area within the testing that needs clarification and a partial retest is sufficient. We want to see you succeed both in the classroom and professionally in the future.

Graduation Requirements, Diplomas, and Transcripts
A student will be eligible for graduation when the following conditions are fulfilled:
1. Student has completed all required courses and credit hours
2. Student has received a 75% or better in all classes; and
3. Student has met all financial obligations.

Diplomas are shipped when the above criteria is met in full. The first copy of the diploma and transcript are free. Additional diplomas or transcripts are $25.00 each.

The Genesis School of Natural Health does not help graduates determine with client recommendations.