Master Herbalist

a-MHThe Master Herbalist program is designed for those seeking to work with clients in a professional office setting. Our online instructor-led Case Studies are both unique and valuable. They will help prepare you for the critical thinking skills needed to make appropriate choices and recommendations. In addition to herbs, your studies will include minerals, vitamins, disease prevention, and functional anatomy. The art of combining herbs is linked to understanding how our body responds and what it needs to function as designed.

“I think that this was a great boost! It really helps to go over everything point by point! Now I am putting the puzzle pieces into a semblence of the big picture:) Today’s class has me excited for the Herbal Reference Project.” – student response after her first Case Study class

As a student in the online Master Herbalist (MH) program you will be studying the sweet, bitter, cool, and hot herbs that have been used for centuries. It exceeds many online master herbalist programs in required studies, projects, and business and client preparation. The program is broken down into phases to lead you through an educational base that builds and expands your knowledge and exposure.

All phases of study may be completed at your own pace. The estimated time of 14 months is based on what we would expect but it could be 8-24 months! You control your time and study schedule.

Presently, there exists no licensure in the United States for Herbalist. You may freely consult with clients as long as you do not “diagnose or treat” – your studies will include information on the language and actions that are lawful and what you should avoid. This Master Herbalist program prepares you and makes you eligible to apply for Board Certification.

Requirements: 9 books, 3 projects, and 4 Study Groups. Estimated time to complete this program is 14 months. 45 credit hours/720 study hours.
Tuition Paid in Full: $1,800 (includes $150 non-refundable application fee).
Installments: $1,900 ($150 non-refundable application fee as your down payment and $125.00 per month for 14 months).

Creative Student Highlight: This Herbal Project was prepared by Darlene Jorgens.  She went above and beyond our expectations and we suspect she approaches all areas of life with the same focus and excellence. Herbal Preparation Projects SG31 -1 Dandelion



Phase One Studies
Estimated Time: 4 months

G210 Anatomy & Physiology
G310 Vitamin, Minerals, and Herbs
G400 Herbal Preparations
SG31 Herbal Preparation Projects
SG10 Study Group: Functional Anatomy
(Homework: Our Body at Work)

Phase Three Studies
Estimated Time: 4 months

G450 Chinese Medicine & Herbs
G430 Women & Herbs
SG22 Study Group: Client Case Studies (Homework: Client Profiles #2)

Phase Two Studies
Estimated Time: 4 months

G440 Properties & Formulas
G460 Medical Herbalism
SG30 Herbal Reference Project
SG21 Study Group: Client Case Studies  (Homework: Client Profiles#1)

Phase Four Studies
Estimated Time: 4 months

G600 Kinesiology
G800 Business Book
SG25 Study Group: Human Parasites of Interest
SG80 Business Building Project
(Homework: Open for Business)

Phase One Studies for Master Herbalist

G210-anatomy G210 Anatomy and Physiology by Ross and Wilson 11th OR 12th edition: Each chapter provides an explanation of the normal structure and functions of the human body and the effects of disease or illness on normal physiology. The text is written in straightforward language and is complemented by over 400 extensive clear, colour illustrations. Carefully refined, clear and unambiguous text which omits the unnecessary detail that can confuse the student new to the subject.
natphysician G310 The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies by Mark Stengler (2010): Herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics… It is a great reference book and will provide you with the base knowledge needed for your program. Mark Stengler is a naturopathic physician with extensive experience practicing and studying natural therapies.
herbalmaker G400 The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook by James Green (2000): A practical manual and informative guide on the basic preparation of herbal medicines. It includes very detailed recipes and instructions. James Green covers growing, gathering, drying, curing, and how to make extracts, glycerites, salves, lotions, elixirs, and much more!
herbproject SG31 Herbal Preparation Projects – Learning how to use fresh or dried herbs and a few simple ingredients to create your own formulas will spark your creativity and confidence. You will be able to choose the 2 projects that interest you the most.

Student Profile (required before entering into Study Groups): The questions in the profile focus on your goals, work history, strengths and weaknesses, talents and gifts, learning stlye and other items that will help us determine your needs. We will also need a photograph for your student file.

SG10 Functional Anatomy Study Group: 1.5 hours using GoToMeeting
Required Reading: Download “Our Body at Work”
This class is primarily focused on function. We will discuss what takes place in the body as a whole and answer questions like: How does the function of the liver affect sex hormones? How does the removal of the gallbladder affect fat-soluble vitamins? What minerals are required for thyroid function?


Phase Two Studies 

drChristopher G440 School of Natural Healing (Centennial OR 15th Edition) by Dr. John R. Christopher: This book is worth every penny! It contains an in-depth study of over 100 herbs complete with medicinal and therapeutic actions, multiple formulations for each herb, case histories, preparation, dosage, administration and much more. If you are familiar with the supplements Dr. Christopher’s Formulas, you will appreciate that is edition contains all of his formulas.
G460-medicalherbalism G460 Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman (2003): Medical Herbalism contains comprehensive information concerning the identification and use of medicinal plants by chemical structure and physiological effect, the art and science of making herbal medicine, the limitations and potential of viewing herbs chemically, and the challenge to current research paradigms posed by complex plant medicines. It also includes information on toxicology and contraindications.
book-plant SG30 Herbal Reference Project: This study-group project will become a valuable reference guide for your office. It is a simple system that expands with your knowledge about herbs. The same system can be used with supplements and homeopathics.
man-computer SG21 Study Group – Client Case Studies : 1.5 hours using GoToMeeting
Required Reading: Download “Client Profiles #1
During our study groups you will learn how to determine which questions to ask and how to choose what your client needs. Your homework will include all the information that is known about a specific person.

Phase Three Studies for Master Herbalist


G450 A Clinical Materia Medica, 120 Herbs in Western Use, Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine by Jeremy Ross: The Clinical Materia Medica discusses the properties, actions, and uses for 120 herbs. With over 700 herb pairs (comparing herbs for Chinese syndromesand herb pairs for western disorders) this is an extensive and valuable book.



G430 Women’s Herbs Women’s Health by Christopher Hobbs and Kathi Keville: A valuable sourcebook for understanding hormones, mood disorders, PMS, menstruation and anemia, vaginal and urinary tract infections, cervical dysplasia, endometriosis, fibroids and cycts, menopause, and more. They define the conditions and explain the medical approaches but they also offer suggestions for natural healing through diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy.


computer-girl SG22 Study Group – Client Case Studies : 1.5 hours using GoToMeeting
Required Reading: Download “Client Profiles #2 During our study groups you will learn how to determine which questions to ask and how to choose what your client needs. Your homework will include all the information that is known about a specific person.


Phase Four Studies 

G600-muscletesting G600 The Ultimate Healing System, Illustrated Guide to Muscle Testing and Nutrition by Donald Lepore (1998): A comprehensive guide to biokinesiology and nutritional therapy. The Lepore Technique includes therapy with vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and homeopathic remedies. This easy-to-understand, fully-illustrated guide is a must for anyone interested in alternative healing.
G800-business G800 Starting a Business as a Natural Health Consultant Kay K. Larson (2011): Kay K. Larson This books covers the basics in many topics such as credentials, legal issues, malpractice insurance, forms, assessment systems, marketing, compliance, appointment structuring, the two things never to do with a new client and much more. NOTE: Order from – they have the right version and it is about $18.00. Some site are listing some other version and asking $50-70!

SG25 Study Group – Human Parasites of Interest 1 hour using GoToMeeting.

Parasites are very common. A quick internet search for detox formulas and parasite formulas will bring up thousands of websites with many claims. But what is a parasite? We will explore the most common species of parasites and discuss the remedies as well as how to heal the damage that they cause.


profwoman SG80 Business Building Project
Required Reading: Download “Business Package”
The book you read has some good ideas but I am also going to share with you what has worked in my office. We have several downloads to help with the many details of building a business. These downloads include topics such as inventory, business software, decisions for social marketing, client symptom forms, follow-up protocols and more.


Master Herbalist Requirements: 9 books, 3 projects, and 4 Study Groups. Estimated time to complete this program is 14 months. 45 credit hours/720 study hours.

Tuition Paid in Full: $1,800 (includes $150 non-refundable application fee).
Installments: $1,900 ($150 non-refundable application fee as your down payment and $125.00 per month for 14 months).

If you decide to complete another diploma program ALL your classes from the Master Herbalist program will apply – you will not pay for classes you have already taken!