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 Island of Guernsey

Colin I.H. Perry, TND, MH
St Peter Port,Guernsey GY1 1NS
Phone: + 44.1481.721411
As a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist and Podiatrist I practice using holistic modalities such as Naturopathy, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Biopuncture and Acupuncture.  Although I consult on a wide range of health issues, my special interest is in assisting those with muscular skeletal issues to function better. My registered trademark is The Bear Foot Doctor.
New Zealand
Paulette Fawcett, TND, MH
Lenabosa Farm
Amberley, New Zealand
Phone: +64.2206.53142
Website: Lenabosa Farm
My Traditional Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist diplomas along with my training as a Trim Healthy Coach enable me to assist my clients, bring their bodies into balance.  As a THM coach I teach, train, and encourage women to find their trim and healthy lifestyle using principles of eating that results in food freedom, weight loss, and increased health.  As a mother of seven with one grandson I enjoy life on our farm, living naturally, and making my own medicines and household cleaners. I am the New Zealand THM distributor and have enjoyed journeying with many ladies over the past 4+ years. I am happy to accept clients from anywhere in the world.
Carla Berg, MH, NVT
Herbal Visions, LLC
Website: Herbal Visions, LLC

Herbal Visions is a home-based business located in northwest Arkansas. As a Master Herbalist and Natural Vision Teacher/Coach, I offer services in  natural vision improvement techniques and how nutrition plays an important role for general eye health.I spend a great deal of time outside in the garden and caring for the animals, however am sincere about a speedy response to those sending questions via “the friendly contact page” found at ““.  Appointments may be arranged via web-based communications or in-person for those in the local area. “What do you have to lose, except for the blur”!
Ashley Rogers-Allen, TND, MH
SoCal Natural Health
3404 W Victory Blvd Ste 0
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone:  818.914.4322
Website:SoCal Natural Health

Ashley is a Naturopathic Practitioner with an Exclusively Online Practice. She caters to the modern busy lifestyle by offering concierge, 100% virtual care, that fits practically any lifestyle. While she sees a variety of clients, her primary offerings specialize in Men’s Health and cares for a variety of indications.

Barbara Richey, MH
Green Nutrition…Plus
Chicago, IL
Ft Myers, FL
Phone: 312.206.1189
Phone: 773.268.3539
Suleban Mohammud Said, TND, MH
Dhodi Natural Herbs & Cosmetics
419 Cedar Ave S G555
Minneapolis MN 55454
Phone: 612.806.5965
Website:  Dodi’s Natural Herbs

I come from a family that has a tradition of practicing herbal medicine for 150 years. My father, grandfather, and several of my forefathers were all herbalists. I am very happy to be a part of this tradition in my family. After my graduation, with both the Traditional Naturopathic Doctor and Master Herbalist diplomas, I began to consult with people who desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Using what I have learned from my studies, I plan to open an office and organic shop for herbal medicine by offering the best treatments and most organic herbal medicine, herbal soap, and herbal lotion to clients.

Tina Wolf, TND, MH
The Natural Health Alternative, LLC
119 4th Street North, Suite 4
Cannon Falls, MN 55009
Phone: 507.581.2410
Website:  The Natural Health Alternative, LLC
Facebook: The Natural Health Alternative

My holistic health practice is called The Natural Health Alternative, LLC, located in beautiful downtown Cannon Falls, MN.  I work with clients who have many health concerns including: digestive problems, bowel issues, hormonal imbalances, menstruation and menopause issues, underactive thyroid, sluggish adrenals, nicotine addiction, blood sugar regulation, protecting the body from stress and helping it deal with on-going stressful events, and cancer coaching.


Jessica Dooley, MH
Havre, MT
Website: Purely You Healing
Facebook: Purely You Healing FB Page

Helping people is truly my passion; and my soul’s mission is assisting you on your healing journey and being a part of your transition to your purest self.  I have a great love for women’s health and healing and currently work on Labor and Delivery in Montana.


Anita Small, TND
Busby, MT

Megan Lackey, TND
Genesis School of Natural Health
Office Manager & Student Administrator
Phone: 775.385.3242

I am the Office Manager and Student Administrator for the Genesis School of Natural Health.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to use my expertise in Business Administration and also that of a Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy to assist those who are entering the natural health field.  I thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to have both a fulfilling career and to be actively involved with my three beautiful children in their formative years.

Darlene Jorgens, MH, NHC
The Herbs & The Bees. LLC
Elyria, (Cleveland) OH 44035
Phone: 440.915.1429
Facebook: The Herbs & The Bees, LLC
Member: AHG, Price Pottinger

I am passionately consumed with educating and assisting both people their pets who are in need of a lift in their vitality.  It is my joy to serve those in my community by utilizing a holistic approach to personal well-being inclusive of spirituality, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, apitherapy, and aromatherapy among other natural wellness options.  Animals are a special source of joy and I find it rewarding to support their owners by enhancing the life experience of beloved horses, dogs, and other pets.  Life should be lived to the fullest. Now is the time to get back to basics with: “Natural Remedies & Nutrition for Vibrant Living!”

Faith Schwartz, HHP, CH
Thrive! CMH Holistic Health & Wellness Center LLC
Columbus, OH
Website: Thrive! CMH Holistic Health & Wellness Center

Faith is the founder of Thrive! CMH Holistic Health & Wellness Center LLC, a complementary and integrative health clinic specializing in the care of autoimmune disease, adrenal/endocrine disorders and other chronic health concerns.  At Thrive! CMH, clients receive tailored recommendations that employ the use of various alternative, non-invasive therapies including herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplementation, low-dose immunotherapy (LDI), lifestyle modification and personal counseling.

Nicole Fulmer, TND
Red Dirt Nutrition & Natural Health Services
Norman, OK
Chrystal Pingleton, MH, NHC
Agape Apothecary LLC
N Newalla, OK
Member: AHG, ABC
Board Certification: AADP
Facebook: Agape Apothecary LLC
Website:  Agape Apothecary LLC

My motto stems from my Biblical beliefs, 3 John 1:2 states, “Dear Friend, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” I believe that everyone’s mind, body and soul needs refreshing and renewing with education on simple changes to meet those goals.  I provide a cozy place to create products and meet with clients to assist in educating them on a better way of healthy living in a toxic world. I create many of my products from skin care to tinctures, but also work with excellent supplement companies to help bring your body into balance.

Ashley Kerr, MH HHP CBP
BodyMind Balance LLC
1930 North Ave Ste 4, Spearfish, SD 57783
Phone: 605-641-8747
Facebook: BodyMindBalanceSD

As a holistic health professional I hold a unique knowledge and skill set which integrates several fields of health-promoting techniques to assist my clients re-establishing or maintain health.  I utilize modalities based in physical health such as nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, and supplemental suggestions alongside BodyTalk energy therapy which uses neuromuscular biofeedback.  I ask the body yes-or-no questions and receive answers directly from the body. By relying on the guidance of the body’s inborn intelligence to heal itself, this innate wisdom leads the session by synchronizing all activities and functions in the BodyMind complex to reach optimal balance.

Dawn Habeck
Spearfish, SD

Kelsie Darling, HHP, MH, NHC
Spearfish, SD
Regina Rigney, TND, MH
Nature’s Healthway, LLC
233 E First St
Crossville, TN 38555
Board Certification: AADP
I worked for many years as a lab technician assisting physicians in the diagnostic process. After giving birth to my 2nd child, I began experiencing health problems that progressively worsened until I was no longer able to walk. Placing all my trust in the conventional medical system in which I was familiar, only led to further decline and piles of medical bills. The decision to return to school to become a Holistic Healthcare Professional was life-changing as I began to apply my new found knowledge and reclaim my health.  My passion is to educate others about the benefits of complementary and alternative health care options and the importance of dietary changes and detoxification. My goal is to make natural, preventative, and restorative health care solutions available for all those who seek them.
Deika King, TND, MH, CCT
Thermography & Wellness
14526 Old Katy Rd #225
Houston, TX 77079
Website: Thermography & Wellness
Phone: (832) 422-7271

I am a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Clinical Thermographer, Health Coach, and Integrative Cancer Educator.My practice focuses on holistic health modalities geared at women’s health. I use non-invasive techniques to evaluate imbalances and only use herbs, homeopathics, and nutrition to restore health. My motto is prevention, protection, peace of mind

Regina Sullivan
Cordatra Barkley, MH, HHP
L.O.V.E. of Wellness Center
Chesapeake, VA 23321
Website: L.O.V.E of Wellness Center
Phone:(877) 536-0003

I use holistic approaches through nutritional supplementation and yoga practices to build up the bodies own natural resources for health and wellness. It is my sincerest hope that you will be able to improve your state of well-being through knowledge and understanding.  I know in this hustle and bustle world we live in it can be difficult to stay on top of happiness. By working together we can ensure that your quality of life stays radiant and bright. As the staying goes, “If you don’t prepare and take care, you’ll end up in despair.”. Remember it’s up to you to move forward in your life, and taking these step will get you there.

Cindy Horton, TND, HHP, MH
Holistic Health Traditions
PO Box 1934
Princeton, WV 24740
Website: Holistic Health Traditions
Facebook: Holistic Health Traditions Facebook Page
Phone: 304.308.5511

I believe that God has provided healthful edible plants that can grant us the greatest health if we will only use them. We may call these fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, or herbs, but the purpose is the same: to provide all the nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

When accidents or ill health (dis-ease) happen, we can turn to powerful herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, and aromatherapy to help our bodies get back on the right track. At Holistic Health Traditions, I help clients of all ages to overcome health challenges and support their body’s innate healing efforts. My goal is always to encourage and educate each person on their own holistic health journey.

Jaycee Garman, MH
Sundance, WY 82729

Julia Davidson

Kayla Schoenberger

Amy Ashmore

Jade Nelson

Jennifer Hobbs

Melina Hashemi

Darlene Stuart
Leesha Thorpe