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How to Begin Your Herbal Quick Reference Project

Imagine yourself, a new herbal professional just getting started with clients and you suddenly can’t recall which herb pairs with milk thistle to support the liver, or you are finishing up with one client and have another one waiting and you know the name of the herb you want to use but it slips your mind with the added pressure of knowing someone is waiting for you. What do you do?  What is available to help you quickly browse through the actions of the herbs in your apothecary? Oh yes of course, grab the Herbal Quick Reference! » Read more

Maintaining Your Momentum

Tips to Help You Break-Through When Studying Becomes a Chore

Let’s face it.  The required reading in some classes is simply riveting.  In many ways as students we start out in Phase One by ‘eating dessert first.’  Everything is fresh and new.  However as we continue on into some classes with more substantial content the challenge to complete classes can become quite overwhelming and we might wonder, “Will I ever get through this?”  In case you’re wondering.  The answer is a resounding, “YES!!!” » Read more

Say Qi!

Qi According to Me was written by Darlene Jorgens. She is a current student but she is not new to the world of herbs. “Qi is thought to be all around us, throughout the entire universe. Qi is in the air we breathe, it is in the food we eat and the water we drink, it is in people – called Human Qi (Ren Qi.) Vital Qi (Hou Qi) is used to describe the Qi of a living being.4 Qi is an impersonal force to be found in every living and non-living thing. Qi can be either good or bad. References to Qi may be thought of as “vital energy” should one require a simplistic definition.”  – Qi According to Me (PDF)