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How to Begin Your Herbal Quick Reference Project

Imagine yourself, a new herbal professional just getting started with clients and you suddenly can’t recall which herb pairs with milk thistle to support the liver, or you are finishing up with one client and have another one waiting and you know the name of the herb you want to use but it slips your mind with the added pressure of knowing someone is waiting for you. What do you do?  What is available to help you quickly browse through the actions of the herbs in your apothecary? Oh yes of course, grab the Herbal Quick Reference! » Read more

Cinnamon & Honey Syrup

Cinnamon & Honey Syrup

A Cough and Cold Remedy by Petra Whisenhunt

Ingredients: Raw Honey and Freshly Ground Cinnamon

Step one: Mix 1 tablespoon Raw Honey and ¼ teaspoon of Cinnamon in a bowl

Step two: WARM UP the mixture to form a syrup.  DO NOT BOIL.

This is the perfect “no-cough” syrup!

My kids have been suffering from a night-time cough with the cold going around. This Cinnamon-honey syrup is both effective and tastes wonderful.

Oregano Alcohol Tincture

Oregano Alcohol Tincture

by Petra Whisenhunt

Used for Respiratory tract GI disorders and menstrual cramps and Urinary tract Disorders, Acne and Dandruff

Step one: Fill a jar ½ full with fresh Oregano leaves, then fill up the remainder of the jar with 80 proof vodka.

Step two: Let stand 3-6 weeks.  Shake one minute each day to maximize extraction.

I felt like this was the best herb to use to maintain my health because everyone around me has been coughing. Oregano opened my respiratory system! Dosage: Two droppers full

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