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Transforming Students into Natural Health Professionals

The mission of the Genesis School of Natural Health is to provide the public with competent, educated, and confident natural health professionals. To accomplish this goal it is necessary to require quality reading materials, instructor-led classes (online!), and projects. The following was the reaction of one of our students after attending the online Functional Anatomy study group:

“Genesis School of Natural Health is absolutely one of the best natural health schools in the market! The curriculum is all inclusive and the presentation has a scaffolding effect. The school representatives are highly knowledgeable and possess a heartfelt desire to help the students. This is overall the best experience I have ever had with any school. My Master’s degree is in Public Health with a Health Education and Promotion Certification. I will tell you, Genesis School of Natural Health ranks equally with regionally accredited colleges based on Genesis’ curriculum selections and program platforms. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to gain a firm understanding of Holistic health.” – Dana A.






Herbalism is a cornerstone within all of our programs because we see it as a vital and efficient means for both feeding and correcting imbalances within the body. Our most popular online program is the double-diploma Master Herbalist (MH) and Holistic Health Professional (HHP). The Master Herbalist program is more in-depth than many online schools require – actually all of our programs will require more from the student! We continually strive to offer an education that will transform each student into a professional.

Our 4-Phase Learning System guides each student through the learning process of understanding and interpretation. It includes reading, projects, testing, and online class meetings we call Study Groups.

The Instructor-led Study Groups (we meet online with GoToMeeting) provide an opportunity to clarify and expand on the knowledge gained from the required readings. These study groups will incorporate Client Case Studies which will develop each student’s critical thinking skills and expand their client communication skills. Case studies are an excellent tool for learning how to apply herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, and other natural healing methods to specific individuals. Study Groups are pivotal in fulfilling our mission of creating professionals and part of what sets us apart from other natural health programs.

Choosing a natural health school that will prepare you for a career is an important decision. The most common questions we receive revolve around the terms Accreditation and Board Certification. This topic is very important because it is the most misunderstood. We have prepared two BLOG posts, one to address ACCREDITATION, and one to address BOARD CERTIFICATION.

Genesis School of Natural Health is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP): The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board provides full board professional accreditation and certification to both institutes of higher education and professional practitioners.


StepOneWe are committed to providing our students with an excellent online holistic health education. Our diploma programs include Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Professional, Natural Health Consultant and more.


Natural Health Diploma Programs: 

Double-Diploma Programs:

Certificate Program:



“I am so thankful to have a teacher who understands bodily functions and nutrient assimilation so thoroughly. That is a rare gift indeed. The understanding of synergistic workings of the body with what is put into it is vital to any healing. That becomes clearer to me each time I learn something new in this area. I will be re-reading this one for quite a while!” – Dawn H., current student

 profwomanBusiness Resources We Provide:

  • Client Symptom Forms
  • Client Consent Forms
  • Educational materials and accounts with the best herb and supplement providers.
  • Guidance/worksheets for inventory development, pricing, advertising, bookkeeping and more.



Genesis School of Natural Health has avoided any known language that may become an issue as the medical profession and drug companies try to limit our access to natural health consultants and natural products.

We do not offer a Doctor of Naturopathy diploma or degree. It is called Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. You may choose the recognition as Holistic Health Professional for the same program. If you choose the TND program and later find out that this was not a wise decision we will give you a new diploma stating you are a HHP (a fee for a new transcript and new diploma will apply but as of now it would only be $40).

We say Holistic Health Professional instead of Holistic Health Practitioner to avoid the “practitioner” which may be viewed as a medical designation in the future. The definition of practitioner: “a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, especially medicine”

Certified could be used to against a person or the organization. “If a customer, patient, or employer is injured by a certified product or professional, it is possible that the certifying organization will be held liable for negligence or negligent misrepresentation.”  We offer a Certificate in Herbalism, we do not say you are a certified herbalist. We will be adding other certificates in the future.

We do not offer “degrees”. The name implies that the credits can transfer to government accredited schools and I find that misleading. We offer professional diplomas to recognize and verify your many hours of study and completion of our program.